Ever noticed how friendly we all get when we’re virtually yaking (or is it yacking? or Yakking? Wait, isn’t that some kind of Tibetan moose?) with people we’ve never actually met? 

It struck me recently when I was yakking – that was the only one spellchecker didn’t red flag – away (via email) with new blogging buddy, Christine, in regards to a contest she won at TEENS READ AND WRITE. We’re going back and forth using “Hugs” as our ending greeting and it struck me as funny. We’ve never met in person, never spoke on the phone and yet here we were new fast friends.

So I mentioned it to Christine who liked the idea of my new acronym:

IDA – Internet Displays of Affection

I was thinking of calling them VDA’s but the VD had a bit of a negative connotation so I’m sticking with IDA. Although I do love VD. 

What do they see in her?

Don’t freak. I’m talking about the TV show, VAMPIRE DIARIES. Gregory and I are VD buddies – When we go to watch it we like to say, “Hey, want to go catch VD?” Mom just rolls her eyes every time. Such fun. The show is our guilty pleasure. Mainly because of Damon. LOVE him! Well, I do, Gregory appreciates Damon’s appeal but doesn’t do the drool thing like me. Elena annoys me. Probably because she gets both the hot guys. Yeah, I’m jealous.

So worth of IDA’s and PDA’s!

Okay, done drooling now…

So, IDA’s…

What do you think? Do you use IDA’s a lot? Which ones? Why do you think we’re so free with them? It’s kind of like explanation marks. I use them all the time when I blogging and emailing but if I went around actually talking with that constant enthusiasm, I’d be exhausted. Although I could get some rest in the mental ward they put me in!

Yikes! I just used an explanation point and I was going to ban them from this post! Ack – there’s another one!

Okay *calming self with deep breaths* I’m going to stop now.


Whoops…now I’ll stop.

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