Midnight Poison

DARK, TWISTED, and DANGEROUS. From the bestselling authors of the #1 Divinicus Nex Chronicles comes an electrifying new urban fantasy series. A paranormal thriller that explodes with insane amounts of suspense, mystery, romance, unforgettable characters, and supernatural creatures. Vampires, werewolves, and witches РOh My! For older teens and new adults due to language, violence, and sexuality, and perfect for fans of Bella Forrest, Victoria Aveyard, and Jeff Wheeler.

No Memory. No Mind. No Mercy.

Kiara Blackwood has a few problems.

She’s older than she looks – by several centuries. She can’t remember who she is. She doesn’t know why she’s the target of Oleander, an immortal serial killer, or why she’s held prisoner by the undead, or where to find the Midnight Poison, the one thing that could grant her freedom. And best of all, her psych meds have stopped working, because, oh yeah, she’s borderline insane. Well, maybe not so borderline.

When Oleander’s killing spree threatens to rip the supernatural world apart, Kiara has no choice but to hunt him down. Forced to rely on a dashing vampire with questionable motives, she plunges into a world of lies, betrayal, deadly deceptions, and secrets that could tear what’s left of her mind to shreds. And because that’s such a piece of cake, while she’s at it, she might as well search for the Midnight Poison, that legendary potion she can’t remember creating, let alone hiding. Well…

Crazy or not, here she comes.

A&E Kirk’s new series for Older Teens and New Adults bursts with the action, adventure, romance, and the humor fans love, but now they’ve added a huge dollop (not trollop – thanks Aurora) of dark, twisted, and dangerous.

Be brave. Try some Midnight Poison. Lethal to the last drop.

SPECIAL NOTE: To our wonderful fans who adore the DIVINICUS NEX CHRONICLES!

In comparison to DNC which is for all teens, MIDNIGHT POISON is geared for older teens and above. It has language (swearing), violence and gore, and a level of sexuality that would make Blake say, “Yeah, baby!” but cause Logan to faint. Literally. So be warned! Thanks for the support and we love you all!


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