And we need to share some news with you. Especially to those who have pre-ordered MP. (It’s a funny-makes-us-crazy-kind-of-story.)

– Midnight Poison goes out Friday, but that version has some typos. We have the corrected version but Amazon can’t get that one out in the initial send to those people who pre-ordered the book.

– However, the corrected version will be put out within 12 hours and sent to all the pre-order people (updated when they sync your Kindles), along with an email saying that there is an updated version.

– So bottom line – if you have pre-ordered Midnight Poison, even if you get the first version, please wait for the updated version before reading it. Will be within 12 hours and you will receive an email that announces it.

The LONG VERSION of the Story is below for you to read, but before that, here is a warning to DNC fans about the MP content. 

In comparison to DNC which is suitable for all teens, MIDNIGHT POISON is geared for older teens and above. It has language (swearing), violence and gore, and a level of sexuality that would make Blake say, “Yeah, baby!” but cause Logan to faint. Literally.

We think you will have a blast with this exciting new story and crazy fun characters, but we want you to BE WARNED because MIDNIGHT POISON may not be for all DNC fans. It’s your choice. Either way, we love you!

LONG VERSION of “It was a dark and stormy night…”

– In California we had record wind/rain storms and floods this past week

– We lost power at our house about 8pm and it lasted for over 36 hours

– Lost power RIGHT WHEN we were doing final finishes on MP to get to our “interior designer” – woman who makes it ready for Kindle and Paperback.

– Loss of power caused loss of work/corrections we did on the story.

– No power. No internet. No heat. And dead batteries on all computers.

– Pulled a literal ‘all nighter’ – (for an old woman like Eileen, lack of sleep shaves off serious years of life down the road) – as we huddled by the fire and worked to get back lost writing and finish corrections.

– Had to take ourselves to a hotel the next day. Lugged desktop with us. (photoshop issue)

– Wonderful proofreaders for final look – Izzy, Cierra, Claudia, and Katrin – helped find some typos.

– But why do you care????

– The MP book that gets sent out on Feb 24 will still have those original typos/errors. We had to download a file to Amazon. However, although we have a cleaner version (that even includes pictures of scythes!), Amazon cannot put that version on for the initial file which is sent on Feb 24 to people who pre-ordered.

– We aren’t able to upload the new/clean version until immediately after the pre-order goes out Feb 24. We are working with Amazon to upload it as soon as that version goes out, BUT it takes up to 12 hours for new version to be approved and sent to those who pre-ordered. Amazon is going to “push” the content as fast as possible, and will send the new file as soon as it is approved along with an email to those who pre-ordered that there is an updated version of the book.

– The updated version of the book should upload automatically when you sync your Kindle, or you can also upload it manually – instructions for that will be in the email they send.

Whew! That’s it. Oh, and Alyssa had a root canal that day. It never rains in California, it pours!

Love and Hugs!

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