The Amazing Ladies at the DN Chronicles Facebook fan site, The Divinicus Nex Nest, have an update on their fabulous Giveaway. Here is the word from the lovely Katrin Jaros! 


Giveaway Update:
– the giveaway runs til the end of May, so those of you who haven’t entered yet don’t have to worry. You still have time!
– As soon as the giveaway closes we’re going to contact the winners (Yes, plural!) and you have 48 hours to reply or we will have to pick another winner.
There are going to be SIX winners!
1x book signed by the authors Alyssa and Eileen Kirk
1x 30 minute Skype Call from Alyssa and Eileen (you can invite a friend to join you if you’re too shy or just wish to share the experience) + a signed bookmark
2x signed Hex Boy bookmarks
2x Feathers of our favorite guardian Gloria

So, tell us what you think of the prizes and don’t forget to enter the giveaway! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask one of the admins. Good luck and keep on loving the Hex Boys!


If you haven’t signed up, GO JOIN NOW! Conversations on the Nex Next are mind-boggling! There is even a poll for you to pick the main character you’d kill off!! Kill a Hex Boy…the HORROR!

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