So here is a rant I put on Facebook. I really love you guys and thanks for hanging in there!

Oh my freaking Lord! This is Eileen and I am just a little frustrated. I won’t go into detail, but let me just say, while I know all authors kick out blood, sweat and tears to finish a book, how in the world do some authors do a 200 page complete book?


Even 300 pages?

I am so jealous! I want Alyssa and I to be able to do that! It is so much faster, and gets to the fans quicker, and….


With Midnight Poison, we had a good book sent to the editor with 300 pages. And we thought…oh great, we can get that out pronto. I mean, 300 pages? We do 600 usually. 300 is a piece of cake.

So to take from our own writing (for those of you who remember) it turned out to be “really complicated cake”)

Because when we talked to (annoyingly insightful) editor, and he gives us all sorts of wonderful things to think about and add to the story and…

Pardon my language…

Wouldn’t you know, when we start “editing” (which usually means taking stuff out) while we did take out a whole lot of back story (which will go in a prequel), we then started ADDING characters, and adding DEPTH to existing characters, and adding story and content and …


So I’m venting. I want to give you fantastic, wonderful fans more stories faster, but we just write more complicated stuff and while on one level I apologize, on another level, I’ve got to say, we don’t know how to write another way.

In the end, years from now, when fans are reading our many stories ( in the double digits, triple digits even!) I know it won’t make any difference.

But to those of you who are listening now. To those of you who are reading our books and (patiently???) clamoring for us to write faster, but are so supportive, please know that we will always be grateful to you for sticking with us and our (slower than you like) writing process.

We love you. We appreciate you. And I would give my right…

(fill in the blank)

to be able to write faster for you!

I adore you and the love and inspiration you give us!


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