Updates are below but first… Street Team News!!!

Street team girlTHE KIRK CLAN Street Team – WOW People! Just WOW!!! We are completely overwhelmed with the HUGE response to those wanting to be a part of our Street Team. You guys are amazing! We could never have imagined that we would get so many wonderful folk wanting to help us out! We are speechless! Well, not totally, since we are still talking (writing). Anyway, we are making final decisions this week and will contact all new members by October 11, 2015.

If you haven’t signed up and would like to be part of THE KIRK CLAN, fill out this KIRK CLAN STREET TEAM FORM.
We have some AH-MAZING things planned exclusively for YOU! Just a few things included when you become a member are:

– Top Secret Members-Only Facebook Page
– Members-Only Giveaways and Contests
– Video Chats with us
– A chance to name characters
– Exclusive Excerpts, Content, and Insider Information on Us, Our Characters, and Upcoming Books
– Signed books, fabulous swag, and much more!

If you’re an Aurora and Hex Boys Fan, you don’t want to miss this opportunity! You MUST SIGN UP HERE!!!!

Now, a few quick updates…

The edits are going fabulous! (which is why we’ve been in “hermit mode” and not on Social Media.) Can’t wait for you all to meet new characters who our editor calls “dynamic” and you’ll also enjoy the utter fun and mayhemic (Hey, it’s a word!) adventures of your “old” favorites!

The response to the DEMONS IN DISGUISE cover has been utterly POSITIVE!! Thank you so much!!!

We’re coming out with the ebook, INTERVIEW WITH A HEX BOY 2.0, which not only has their latest character interviews, but original content – a scene from one of your favorite Hex Boys’ point of view! So fun!

Thank you and we love you guys so much!!!!!

Now back to our regular programming…uh, we mean editing…

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