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Alliances were made…and broken. 
Backstabbing and betrayal ran rampant! 

It was an epic battle… 


Yep, that silly card game that anyone can play. My parents along with Jake, Gregory and I engaged for over an hour in an extremely heated game.  

We yelled, screamed, squealed, laughed, moaned, groaned and made a multitude of noises. You’d of thought the fate of the world rested on this game. Just when it looked like someone would win, they’d end up with half the deck. Even determining 2nd place took another 15 minutes. 

Had to be one of our best holiday memories ever!

Be sure to take some time to connect with loved ones over these crazy busy weeks ahead. And if you’re looking for some guaranteed fun for under ten bucks, grab UNO… 

Just remember to hide any sharp objects.

FYI – Jake won. 
Gotta go now – we’re scheduled for a rematch. 

Hope you had an epic holiday of your own!
What family activity do you do for fun?


  1. Alyssa@Teens Read and Write says:

    Isn’t it fun? Everyone’s getting uber worked up, and while in part we’re all laughing at our own ridiculousness, no one is backing down!

    So, hey, next UNO battle is at your house – should be double epic!

    Hope your having a great holiday season!


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