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Must be contest season because I found another one coming up in December from
Finally, the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! On Tuesday, December 7, the gavel will fall on our first-ever BAKER’S DOZEN AGENT AUCTION. And you won’t want to miss it!


Auction! As in, agents placing bids. Here’s how the whole thing will work:

  • 40 entries will be posted on the auction block. Of these 40, 15 will be for the adult market and 25 for MG/YA.
  • Each entry will consist of a log line followed by the first 250 words of the manuscript.
  • Thirteen participating agents (our baker’s dozen) will place bids on the entries they like. The minimum bid requirement is a request to read the first 5 pages.
  • The auction will remain open for 24 hours. At the close, each entry will go to the highest bidder, at whatever “price” they bid (up to a request for a full).

It’s that simple!

Some other things you need to know:

  • All contest entries will be open to critique by everyone.
  • Each contest entry will receive a critique from at least one of three agented authors who have agreed to participate.
  • Each contest entry will receive a critique from a Special Guest Editor.

Because let’s face it. It’s not a given that everyone will receive an agent bid. We all know that’s not how things work in the Publishing Universe. So this way, EVERY PARTICIPANT will receive something valuable.

IMPORTANT: Not every entry will be accepted. Here’s the breakdown:

MIDDLE GRADE AND YOUNG ADULT, including all subgenres and literary:

I will accept 50 submissions, from which 25 will be selected for the contest.

ADULT FICTION (genres listed below):

I will accept 25 submissions, from which 15 will be selected for the contest.


  • Women’s fiction
  • Historical fiction
  • Thriller (including historical)
  • Mystery
  • Romance (including historical and paranormal)
  • Fantasy (including urban and all subgenres)
  • Science Fiction (including all subgenres)
  • Suspense
  • Literary

Author Jodi Meadows will assist me with the slush pile. Her experience as an agent’s assistant has honed her critical eye, so I’m counting on her expertise to help me cull through the entries (I don’t relish this part, I assure you).


Submissions for the contest will be held on two separate dates in November, one for adult and the other for MG/YA. Winners will be notified after we’ve gone through the contest slush. Winning entries will be posted on Saturday, December 4, to give the agents time to look over them before the bidding starts on Tuesday.


  • This contest is for COMPLETED, POLISHED, QUERY-READY MANUSCRIPTS only. If you’re not ready to embark on the querying process, please do not enter.
  • This contest is open to ALL PAST PARTICIPANTS AND WINNERS OF SECRET AGENT CONTESTS and ANY OTHER CONTEST OR CRITIQUE SESSION with THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTION: If you enter the November SA contest and then enter the same work in the Agent Auction, that work has to show a considerable amount of editing as per the feedback you received during the contest. Reason: Despite the excitement of the auction, the main thrust of this contest is CRITIQUE. And it will be a waste of time to the critters (and to you) if you haven’t made substantial changes. Acceptance of these entries will be at the discretion of Jodi Meadows and me.
  • This contest is open to NON-AGENTED AUTHORS ONLY.


Heh. Not telling! But I’ll announce their names prior to the onset of the auction. Unlike our Secret Agent contests, these agents will use their real names during the bidding.

If you have any questions, leave them as a comment on her announcement post.
GOOD LUCK to all who enter!


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