Why Can’t I Write Faster????

So here is a rant I put on Facebook. I really love you guys and thanks for hanging in there!

Oh my freaking Lord! This is Eileen and I am just a little frustrated. I won’t go into detail, but let me just say, while I know all authors kick out blood, sweat and tears to finish a book, how in the world do some authors do a 200 page complete book?


Even 300 pages?

I am so jealous! I want Alyssa and I to be able to do that! It is so much faster, and gets to the fans quicker, and….


With Midnight Poison, we had a good book sent to the editor with 300 pages. And we thought…oh great, we can get that out pronto. I mean, 300 pages? We do 600 usually. 300 is a piece of cake.

So to take from our own writing (for those of you who remember) it turned out to be “really complicated cake”)

Because when we talked to (annoyingly insightful) editor, and he gives us all sorts of wonderful things to think about and add to the story and…

Pardon my language…

Wouldn’t you know, when we start “editing” (which usually means taking stuff out) while we did take out a whole lot of back story (which will go in a prequel), we then started ADDING characters, and adding DEPTH to existing characters, and adding story and content and …


So I’m venting. I want to give you fantastic, wonderful fans more stories faster, but we just write more complicated stuff and while on one level I apologize, on another level, I’ve got to say, we don’t know how to write another way.

In the end, years from now, when fans are reading our many stories ( in the double digits, triple digits even!) I know it won’t make any difference.

But to those of you who are listening now. To those of you who are reading our books and (patiently???) clamoring for us to write faster, but are so supportive, please know that we will always be grateful to you for sticking with us and our (slower than you like) writing process.

We love you. We appreciate you. And I would give my right…

(fill in the blank)

to be able to write faster for you!

I adore you and the love and inspiration you give us!


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The Hexy Knight Newsletter is out and full of Exclusives!

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Giveaway for Divinicus Nex Prizes and Skype Call With Us!

The Amazing Ladies at the DN Chronicles Facebook fan site, The Divinicus Nex Nest, have an update on their fabulous Giveaway. Here is the word from the lovely Katrin Jaros! 


Giveaway Update:
– the giveaway runs til the end of May, so those of you who haven’t entered yet don’t have to worry. You still have time!
– As soon as the giveaway closes we’re going to contact the winners (Yes, plural!) and you have 48 hours to reply or we will have to pick another winner.
There are going to be SIX winners!
1x book signed by the authors Alyssa and Eileen Kirk
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2x signed Hex Boy bookmarks
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So, tell us what you think of the prizes and don’t forget to enter the giveaway! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask one of the admins. Good luck and keep on loving the Hex Boys!


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The Divinicus Nex Conspiracy Theory Has Arrived and It Is AWESOME!

It’s here!  That  Conspiracy Theory video of the fans thoughts on what will happen in the future world of THE DIVINICUS NEX CHRONICLES. Check it out and see if you agree with any of them. FYI – we did not contribute to this at all. This is completely fan generated without any input from us because…We know nothing!!! But we love this video!!! Thanks to Kirk Clan Team Leader Isabelle Crusoe for making it and the many, many FAN-tastic fans who put in their Two Cents! Love you all! 

Divinicus Nex Conspiracy Theories Are Rampant! Be Part of a DN Conspiracy Theory Video!

Do you ever wonder what is going to happen in the Divinicus Nex Chronicles? Have your own theories? Ever wonder if what others think? Same as you? Something you never thought of?  Well, you are in luck!  Over at the Facebook fan site, DIVINICUS NEX NESTthere is a question for everyone to put up their theories on the books about what they think is going to happen, things about characters, etc. Isabelle Crusoe is making a video based on all the ideas you guys come up with.
There are a TON of comments and it is hysterical and brilliant! You have to go read them! We put on a “comment” which turned into an essay trying to respond with what we could based on the many comments/theories. Here goes…
Hello you crazy bunch!
Okay I will try to give you a bit of info. The Boys families – yes we are going to do some stories of their past. Our editor suggested it could be a whole other series, but I think short stories for now would be more workable.
THe Ishidas – if you remember he is a smuggler (retired…semi) and Ayden told Aurora that his parents met when Mr had to smuggle Mrs out from one of her dangerous missions gone awry. And yes, Mrs. told Ayden she had the same “control” issues so theirs was a volatile beginning!
The group of parents have obviously worked together and has a great camaraderie so their stories are great.
I think we mentioned this to some of you before, but we are dying to write a version – or at least scenes from DID from Cristiano and Horus’s point of view. We have already put a few scenes together and it is hysterical. Especially if you love Horus – and who doesn’t? Remember, at the end of DID Aurora and the Boys discovered that Horus and Cristiano had been in Gossamer Falls for some time. Horus’s selfies??? Ack! But we can’t write those stories from their POV until after Dark Demon Knights where much will be revealed! Same goes for Cristiano’s younger days, although you will learn more in DDK. We actually have a short story written about Cristiano’s team on a mission shortly before he goes to Gossamer Falls. But we can’t put that out until after DDK either. I know…the torture of waiting. And the torture of authors who won’t reveal anything. Except Blake being Ayden’s first kiss – just kidding. That isn’t true for those of you who may not get my humor.
Let’s see, what else… I Know Nothing about Aunt M other than you haven’t seen the last of her. Nor about the Fiamma or the other characters. The journals and all the Sanctuary info? They have to get into that more sometime…right? Why would authors put it in there and never use it? Are they idiots??? Aurora and the Boys were a little distracted in DID.
Cristiano’s age? all we know is that in DDD Blake said Cristiano was a few years older than they were. In DID Cristiano said that Heather was older than him and she is 25. So at least older than 17 and younger than 25. I know. It’s not much but it’s all I’ve got. 
Aurora has her 18th birthday coming up “next month” was all that was said in DID.
You will get answers in DDK, but as you might have guessed there will be more questions.
As for right now, we are editing Midnight Poison (the first in a new series) and plan to get it to our editor in June so that will come out before DDK. We really think you will love these new characters. We will be revealing more info about Midnight Poison shortly. Izzy is even making a book trailer!  Alyssa just came up with a symbol for the series which I think is cool. We are going to get our cover artist started on the cover since that should get out soon and we will put the blurb on Goodreads.
We actually already have a cover figured out for DDK (Alyssa came up with the idea a while ago and I love it), we just have to have the artist put it together. It usually doesn’t take long once she gets working. Then you could at least have a DDK cover!
Okay, did I answer enough? No? Well, I have to get back to writing now. We love you all and thank you very much! Keep all the theories coming. We love to read them! We will answer what we can.
So that was it. Now go CHECK OUT THE THEORIES AND ADD YOUR OWN so you could have them in the video. Can’t wait to read them and see them in the video!
If you read all this, here is a special gift. Some delightful man candy. This is the actor we’ve always envisioned for Mr. Ishida.  So YUM!  mr ishida 3 mr ishida 2 mr ishida 1 Mr Ishida

You Can Get DIVINICUS NEX CHRONICLES on Nook and Other Devices!

Don’t own a Kindle? Don’t panic!

And you don’t even need to call The Doctor!

As you may have noticed all of The Divnicus Nex Chronicles ebooks are only available on Amazon. This is because we now participate in their exclusive author program.

But we know some of you wonderful fans don’t have a Kindle, and for you we have TWO easy options to choose from:

OPTION 1 (easiest, quickest option)

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Once you’ve downloaded the free Kindle app, you can purchase the book from Amazon and it will automatically appear in your app.

OPTION 2 (if you own a Nook/Kobo/other ereader and can’t or prefer not to download the free app)

1) Purchase the ebook/s from Amazon. The link to our Amazon Author Page with all our books is HERE.

2) Email the receipt to: teamkirk@telia.com and tell us which reading device you have.

3) Our dear friend/fan/team leader Isabelle will email you the ebook format suitable for your device within 24 hours.

Note: If you don’t like reading ebooks, all of the Divinicus Nex Chronicles books are also currently available in paperback from Amazon and will be available on Book Depository (with Worldwide shipping) shortly.

Here’s a link to the first paperback book on Amazon: CLICK HERE

Thanks for all the love and support and making ALL our books hit numerous #1 Bestsellers Lists! Woo Hoo!!!

DEMONS IN DISGUISE Release Date Dec 18th!!! Plus First Chapter!

Yep! We finally have an official release date…

DECEMBER 18, 2015!!!!

This is it! And here is the first chapter to wet your appetite! Chapter 2 will come tomorrow! Love you all and much thanks for all the support!



Our date was officially ruined when the waiter slobbered a glob of toxic swamp-green spit into my water.


Okay, technically, the demon had hawked the foul phlegm from the horned snout on its wrinkled piggy-face and into a crystal carafe of water, then used the carafe to refill my glass, but either way, my gleaming goblet now churned with a sludgy muck, bubbling and burping like a wicked witch’s brew. 


The demon offered me my glass, slimy smoke twirling off the surface. “Your water, miss.”


You mean my poison.


“Ah,” I cleared my throat to get rid of the squeak in my voice. “I’m not thirsty. Maybe later.” Or never. I casually lifted a steak knife off the table and pretended to check my reflection in the shiny, real-silver silverware surface, and instead saw the demon leaning toward me over the table and holding the goblet closer to my face.


“Hey!” I reeled back.Ugly demonic danger should not have been happening in the Gossamer Falls Country Club’s fine dining restaurant. The place was filled with nothing but etiquette, good taste, mood lighting, soft music—and a whole lot of innocent people.


The hideously formed beast didn’t belong.  


Sure, they all couldn’t be Eros, but between the snouty schnozzola and pockmarked skin covered with broken blisters oozing pallid yellow pestilence, this thing kick-started my gag reflex. So much for starving myself all day for the swanky meal. My appetite was currently curling up into a cowering ball of nausea.




While the creature looked around, uncertain of what to do, I dropped the steak knife into my lap and covered it with my napkin. Hopefully, I wouldn’t have to use it before my date got back, but it was more than a little worrisome that Ayden Ishida, a demon hunter, had sauntered out for a mysterious errand and walked right past the hellion without noticing him. Hunters couldn’t see demons when they possessed humans, but this one wasn’t possessing anybody.


Ayden probably didn’t want to mention it and mess up our evening after the weeks of military precision planning he’d put into our first “normal” and perfect romantic date. I’d gotten all gussied up too, wearing a silky dress and even a sassy pair of ankle boots made for strutting.


If the country club didn’t  have a strict “No Demons” policy, I knew what was the next suggestion I was suggesting in the lobby’s Suggestion Box.


I struggled to remain calm. If this demon encounter went sideways, the fine china would display guts and gore along with gourmet goodies.


Where was Ayden?


The foul cretin slid the glass across the crisp, white linen table cloth, leaving thin rips and snail-track smudges where his claws scratched and his crusty skin scraped against the delicate fabric.


Chills of terror spiked my skin and a cold sweat threatened to burn through the copious amounts of antiperspirant slathered in my armpits. Ayden’s choice for a booth in the farthest, darkest, most private corner of the expansive room was great when it was just him and me. Me and Snouty Schnozz? Not so much.


“Please, miss.” Green drool dribbled down the corners of his mouth and mixed with yellow slime from the open sores. “Have some water. You look parched.”


And you look ugly.


I pulled my menu up in front of my face. “I’ll wait for my date.”


Ignore him, Aurora. Don’t engage. Delay until you fully understand the situation, and always wait for backup. This mantra had been part of my training.


The sucktastic server glared at me, then grumbled, “Of course, miss.” Before lumbering away, he paused to fill Ayden’s goblet with the same vile concoction from his carcinogenic carafe.


Like my love life didn’t have enough problems, let’s add “fatally poison the finally-really-for-real boyfriend” to the list. But at least the imminent demon danger had passed. He seemed happy to stand back and observe from afar, no doubt counting on me becoming a Dead Nex Walking.


Could it be I’d diverted imminent demonic disaster? Caught a break? That never happened. All I had to do now was wait patiently for that backup.


An elderly man spoke to the demon waiter. “Sorry to bother you, but I ordered champagne and—”


“Honey,” his wife said in a scolding tone. “You can’t drink champagne. Remember your heart.”


“Just one sip for a toast. It’s our anniversary, and my heart belongs to you.” The man kissed her cheek, making her blush.


Awww. How cute were they? I actually recognized them. Well, him. Old Man Cyrus. He owned the hardware store next to my mom’s flower shop. A sweet guy. And, apparently, quite the charmer. 


The demon nodded without saying a word and kept going. Good boy.


“Excuse me, you there?” a man at a table near the front called to the demon. “Could you take my son back to the childcare center? His name is Seth. They know him there.”


The demon paused. I was sure he’d say no or ignore the man and keep going, since the creature seemed determined to maintain a low profile. But then his creepy, clawed hands picked up a little boy about five years old and took him away.




More tomorrow!! It’s almost HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!